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Advantage Database Versions Per Medisoft Version

As Medisoft has grown in versions, so has the version of the Advantage Database Server it relies on.

 Medisoft Version Advantage Version Advantage 32-bit/64-bit
10.10 32-bit or 64-bit 
17 10.032-bit Only
 169.10 32-bit Only
 159.0 32-bit Only
 148.10  32-bit Only
12sp28.10  32-bit Only
12 8.0 32-bit Only
 11 7.1032-bit Only 
 10 7.032-bit Only 
 09 6.232-bit Only 
 08 6.232-bit Only 
 07 6.1132-bit Only 

This information needs to be known to connect to the database using the Advantage Data Architect or the ODBC driver.

Also good to note:
  • Advantage Serial Numbers are per version number (ex. 10 serial can be used for 10.0 and 10.10)
  • Advantage Versions are backwards compatible (ex. Medisoft 12sp2 requires Advantage v8.10, you can use the latest version 10.10 of Advantage with the same results, but take in account the 32/64 bit requirements as well as the fact a separate serial number is required for Advantage 10 versus Advantage 8)
  • Upgrading Advantage is just a matter of re-installing the latest version on top of the current install.  (everyone will need to be out of the databases before performing this operation, the serial and validation code should be picked up automatically but make sure you have a copy on hand in case it doesn't for some reason)  
  • The various versions are available for download from SyBase's website at