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Medisoft Backup and Restore

Intro and Tutorial Layout


There are several methods to securely backup your data, and we recommend you use more than one method to assure your data's integrity through redundancy.  

When considering backup plans it is more important to plan for recovery than focusing primarily on the backup itself. 


Some things to consider when planning for recovery are:

  • Actions that must be taken to fully restore
  • Time it will take to restore
  • Possibility of one or more invalid backups
  • Possibility of one or more restore or backup functions to fail at the same time


The scope of this tutorial will assume you are able to recover and set up:

  • Server system hosting the Medisoft data and client
  • Proper Advantage version installed for the Medisoft version being recovered (Network Pro versions only)
  • Passwords and proper storage security of backups and restoration methods


If you have any questions about the above items or would like assistance with your recovery, please feel free to contact us.


Because of the variety of backup methods and restores, the tutorial will be a general overview of our recommended backup and restore routines.  Most of the information documented in these methods can be used, applied and even combined with your personal preference of backup and restore methods.  We encourage you to contact us for more detailed information or to discuss some of the other options available.

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