Medisoft Simple Practice Backup

    Medisoft can be used to form simple practice backups manually, or through the provided automation in Task Scheduler.  This simple backup will provide a copy of all the practice's data for easy recovery using Medisoft's File Menu.  This backup utility will create an '.mbk' file which can be used to restore a practice's data. 


    Note this will not backup certain portions of Medisoft (which can normally be recreated); this will only backup the essential practice data (mainly all the files, folders and tables in the practice folder under the Medidata root directory). 


    If you have any questions or do not feel comfortable performing these steps, please contact us for more information about the Medisoft Simple Practice Backup.


    1. Open the practice in Medisoft.
    1. Verify all other users are out of the Medisoft database.
    1. Click on 'File->Backup Data…'


    1. If you receive the following message after clicking 'Backup Data…'

    You will need to click 'OK' and re-verify everyone is out of the Medisoft database; this includes other Medisoft related products as well, such as Office Hours.  (Note it may take a few minutes for the users to be completely logged out from the database, even if their programs are closed)


    1. You should be presented with the following 'Medisoft Backup' window


    1. You can use the 'Find' button to choose where to store the backup file when it is created


    This will update the window as shown below:


    Notice the 'Existing Backup Files' lists the previously made '.mbk' files in this directory.

    You may either add a file name to the end of the path (making sure to end the name in '.mbk') or you can leave it blank and Medisoft will automatically format the name as mw[TodaysDate].mbk (this method is recommended for easier file tracking)


    1. Click the 'Start Backup' button to begin the backup process.


    1. The progress will update as the backup file is created


    1. You will be prompted with the following message upon completion


    1. Your practice data is now backed up and you have the ability to restore it to this point.


    Important note on restore process:

    1. We highly recommend that you test your backups to be sure they are getting created correctly
    2. To test a restore or to restore a practice:
      1. First create a new blank practice
      1. Click 'File->Restore Data…'
      1. Browse to the .mbk file you wish to restore
      2. Click 'Restore' button
    1. It is best to perform these actions routinely so you will be aware of what is restored and what needs to be done during a disaster recovery situation

If you have any further questions or would like to know more about the Medisoft Simple Practice Backup:

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