What To Backup

First, we will discuss what will need to be backed up for a seamless and successful recovery.  The essential portion of the backup will be the practice folder.  This folder contains all the data, custom reports, and other information related to a specific practice.  Most everything else besides the actual practice data can be re-created or reconfigured to work with the data once again.  However, the more data you are backing up, the less you will have to do during restoration.


It is ideal to be able to fully backup the Medidata folder in its entirety.  This will allow the most seamless restoration as all data related to Medisoft is normally stored under this location.


If all the data is not located here and you are storing practice/Medisoft related data in various locations, we highly advise you adjust your storage locations to be under a singular folder for easier backup and recovery options. 


Certain files can be used to identify folders related to the Medisoft data. For example MWDBList.ADT will be located at the root of the Medidata folder.   Mwddf.add will be located at the root of a practice folder which may also include a UReports folder holding the practice custom reports, a FwdData folder for final draft notes and a statements and/or claims folder for the practice.  CMDBLIST.add is located at the root of the RMData folder which contains all the Revenue Manager related data, and cm4.adt is located at the root of the RMPractice folder.  Under the Medidata root, there may also be a ReportsDefs folder which holds all the data for 'Medisoft Reports'.


 Recommended folder structure


Below is a layout of the normal Medidata Root Folder.  Again, if your setup does not match this you may not be using that portion of Medisoft or you may be storing certain files in other locations.  But we would highly recommend that you adjust your folder structure to mimic the layout below for the easiest backup and restoration methods.





[Medidata]---------------------------------------contains all the tables and folders related to Medisoft


{MWDBList.ADT}-----------------------root directory practice list

{Other Files}


[Practice]-------------------------contains tables and folders related to practice data


{mwddf.add}------------practice data dictionary

{Other Files}


[UReports]---------------contains all the custom user reports for the practice


{Other Files}


[FwdData]----------------contains practice final draft data


{Other Files}


[Statements]-------------contains all the practice statement related files


{Other Files}


[Claims]-------------------contains all the practice claim related files


{Other Files}


[RMData]------------------------contains all the Revenue Manager related data


{CMDBLIST.add}-------root directory RM Practice list

{Other Files}


[RMPractice]-------------contains all the RM Practice related data and reports


{CM4.add}-------practice RM data dictionary

{Other Files}


[ReportsDefs]-----------------------------contains all the 'Medisoft Reports' report files


{Other Files}


[Installs]-------------------------------------contain all the server and client setup files

[Version]----------------------------divided by Medisoft version

{installation files}----------normally will include pawebinstall.exe and advantage database server setup file


Backing up these folders and the files they contain will provide you with all the data needed to restore Medisoft and the clients.  We also recommend using a setup that not only provides backup copies over a number of days, but also over a number of media and through a number of methods.  Remember to try to plan for one or more restoration functions to fail during a crisis recovery because this will provide you with multiple options and routes to take during the restore process. 


The more backups, versions, and various media sources you have before a crisis the less you have to worry about recovering during a crisis.  It is recommended to use a secure online-offsite backup, onsite physical media backup rotated to offsite locations, and then one additional onsite physical media backup to be fully prepared when disaster strikes.


It is important to note that when you are backing up this directory, everyone must be out of the Medisoft database and have all Medisoft related programs closed (Office-hours, Medisoft Reports, Revenue Manager, SureScripts, Communication Manager, Watchdog, etc.)   You can verify the number of users currently logged into the database on the Advantage Database server, using the configuration utility. 


When accessing the Medisoft database, Advantage locks certain files and under most circumstances these files do not properly backup when they are locked.


If you have any questions or would like assistance configuring your folder structure or verifying you are backing up all the correct and needed data, please contact us. 

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