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Medisoft Clinical LicStat & ProcID

There maybe times when trying to access Medisoft Clinical that you receive an 'out of licenses' error message.

This normally occurs either:

a. when all the licenses are currently in use for clinical, a new session can not be opened until a license becomes availible

b. when the system thinks all the licenses are currently in use for clinical and needs to force a refresh on the license count.


To force this refresh, there are a couple of steps to take.

Everyone can continue to work as normal in Medisoft Clinical and there are no special privileges required to perform this operation.  Even though this process will clear all the licenses, as soon a user performs an operation in Medisoft Clinical the licenses is automatically taken again for that user.


Open a command prompt and navigate to p:\ppart directory

Type in 'licstat' and press 'enter'.


The following notepad window will appear:

This shows how many licenses the system thinks are currently in use and which users are using the licenses.  Note that a single user can take all licenses from one workstation if they continuously 'Park' Medisoft Clinical and open a new instance instead of closing out Medisoft Clinical or just minimizing and restoring the Medisoft Clinical window.


To force a refresh on the 'in use' licenses, type in 'procid'  and then press 'enter'.

Nothing appears to happen when this is done.


However, running licstat again (typing in 'licstat' and pressing 'enter')


The system now thinks that all licenses are free.


If you run licstat again  (typing in 'licstat' and pressing 'enter')


You can see as users continue to work in Medisoft Clinical the licenses are automatically taken in the system again.

However any users that have 'Parked' Medisoft Clinical or are not actively working inside Medisoft Clinical will not take their licenses back until they have performed another action inside Medisoft Clinical.  

Note this could cause confusion if all licenses are actually in use by different users and you clear the license then sign in immediately.  This would cause one of the originally active users to receive an 'out of licenses' error message when they try to perform an action inside Medisoft Clinical, because your workstation has taken the license from them in the system already.