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Medisoft Utilities

Medisoft Utilities include several database tools available to make various changes and updates to a practice database.  

It is not recommended to utilize any of the other operations in Medisoft Utilities other than the operations defined below. 


This utility can severely corrupt or render the data useless in a practice if used improperly.  If you have any questions or concerns at all contact your VAR or MD Solutions directly for additional recommendations based on your specific issue.


To access the Medisoft Utilities, first browse to the 'Bin' install folder for Medisoft.  This will normally be:
Windows XP/2003=C:\program files\medisoft\bin\ or c:\program files (x86)\medisoft\bin

Windows Vista/7/8=C:\medisoft\bin\

You can also right click the Medisoft shortcut icon, select properties then under the 'Shortcut' tab, select the:

Windows XP/2003='Find Target…'

Windows Vista/7/8= 'Open File Location'

This will take you directly to the 'Bin' install folder for Medisoft.


Once in the 'Bin' folder, look for the 'MedUtils.exe' application file.


Double click and select the practice you want to run the utilities on from the practice list which appears.


Once inside of Medisoft Utilities you will see the following options:


We do not recommend you utilize any of the other options besides the 'Power Tools' utility without being told by VAR support to do so or you can contact MD Solutions directly for more information about the other options available with this utility and our recommendations about when they should be utilized.


Power tools

1. Select the 'Power Tools' option from the menu inside the Medisoft Utilities window and click the 'OK' button in the bottom right hand of the Medisoft Utilities window.


2. You will be presented with an opportunity to Backup your practice data before you run the utility.  We HIGHLY recommend you create a backup of the practice before using any of the items in Medisoft Utilities.  Otherwise in some cases data repair may not be possible and all data in the practice could be lost.


3. Once the backup completes, you will be presented with the 'Power Tools' window, seen below.

From this window you have the ability to update Chart Numbers, Insurance Codes, Procedure Codes as well as a 'Code Fix' tab which will include the ability to update the Diagnosis primary codes, Attorney, Employer, Facility Laboratory, Provider and Referring Provider codes.  (See Code Fix tab in the picture below)



There are two items the user can utilize in the Power Tools.  The most common use is to find 'chart numbers or primary codes' which contain invalid characters.  This can be done by clicking the 'Only show bad values' check box at the bottom of each Power Tools tab.  If there are 'bad values' in the codes, the 'Fix All' button maybe available to correct all of the 'bad value' codes automatically to the next best fix code.  (Example if you have a chart number of O'DJO000, it contains the bad value of " ' ".  The fix all may change the chart number to ODJON002 if there are already ODJON000 and ODJON002 chart numbers in Medisoft.)

The next option is to manually update the code to a specific value.  To do this, first the proper code needs to be found in the correct list.  Once selected the "New *****" box will populate with Medisoft's recommendation for the update to the code item.    The pre-populated code can be updated and when the "Change" button is pressed it will try to change the code to the requested input.  If the code already exists in the code list, it will error and will not make the requested changes.


Normally there is no reason to change the codes, other than the ones containing 'Bad Values'.  Unless the practice has a specific requirement for chart numbers, the defaults Medisoft provides are normally the best.


The other actions that are also available in Medisoft Utilities are not recommended to be run without first contacting the VAR or MD Solutions directly to assess the situation to determine if these would be the best actions in the specific cases or situations.