Filtering IDs

There may be certain carriers or services you render that require a different setup or IDs to be sent other than what you configure as your default IDs.


There are numerous different combinations and setups you can create using additional filters, so we will only touch on the basic main points here.


Under the Provider IDs tab (Lists->Provider->Providers->Select & Edit Provider->Provider IDs tab)

The All-All-All filter currently setup is the 'default' Provider IDs for this provider.  Meaning that whenever this provider's IDs are needed the NPI will be 1234567890 and the SSN will be 555-22-6666 and the claim will be filing as an individual (setting not shown here, edit ID row to view setting)


The Provider's IDs can be filtered by Insurance Carrier or Class or by Facility.


The filters will now pull 1234566666 for the NPI when CIG00 insurance code is used on the claim and will send the same SSN and still will file as Individual.  Using the filtering options you can setup a provider to file as either Individual or Group depending on the circumstances for that carrier or facility.


You can define as many filters as you need to provide the correct information for the filters you determine.


Under the Practice Ids tab (File->Practice Information->Practice IDs)


The filters available for the Practice IDs are Provider, Provider Class, Insurance Carrier, Insurance Class, or Facility.


Here when the Provider is AQZ and the insurance is CIG00 the NPI will show 1111111111 and the tax id will be 55-5555555, however for all other insurances for provider AQZ the NPI will show 9876544444 and the tax id will be 99-9117777.  For all other providers and carriers the NPI will be 9876543210 and the tax id will be 99-9117777.  Again you can provide as many filters as needed to accomplish the correct numbers being sent out on claims.  Note for these numbers under the Practice IDs to be used at all the Providers must be set to 'File claim as Group' for their Provider IDs.