Group with Pay-To Address

The Individual Providers will be used as the Rendering Provider and the Practice Information will be used as the Billing Provider.




Select and Edit a Provider


The information on the individual provider's Address Tab will not be used other than the Last Name, First Name and Middle Name fields.

(Only the name will be sent in the ANSI standard Loop 2310B, none of this information will appear on a paper claim)


The individual's NPI and TaxID/SSN will be entered under Lists->Provider->Providers->Provider IDs Tab

(note: you should only have one 'All-All-All' filter rule, delete any duplicates lines or unneeded filters)

(Box 24j on a paper claim or Loop-2310B in the ANSI standard)


Make sure 'File Claim As: Group' is set when you Edit the Provider IDs


The Group's information will be stored under the Practice Information.

File->Practice Information

 The information under the Practice Tab will be the Billing Provider's Name and Physical Address Location

(Box 33 on a paper claim or Loop-2010AA in the ANSI standard)


The information under the Practice ID's tab will be the Group's NPI/TaxID

(Box 33a on a paper claim or Loop-2010AA in the ANSI standard)


The Practice Information Pay-To Tab should be filed out with the Pay-To address:

(This will be the address in Box 33 on paper claims or will be Loop-2010AB in the ANSI standard)