Individual Without Pay-To Address

If you are filing claims as an Individual without Pay-To address (Billing Address =Physical Location);

Only the Provider Information will be used and the Practice Info will be ignored.




Select and Edit a Provider


The individual provider's Address Tab will be used as the Billing Provider Information.

(Box 33 on a Paper Claim or Loop-2010AA in ANSI)


The individual's NPI and TaxID/SSN will be entered under Lists->Provider->Providers->Provider IDs Tab

(note: you should only have one All-All-All filter rule, delete any duplicates lines or un-needed filters)

(This NPI will appear in both box 24j and box 33a on a paper claim or will only appear as Loop-2010AA in ANSI as Loop2310B will not be sent because the Billing Provider is assumed to be the Rendering Provider)


Make sure 'File Claim As: Individual' is set when you Edit the Provider IDs


The Practice Information Pay-To Tab should be blank or errors may occur.