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Relay Health Support and Audit Tools

Log into Collaboration Compass, then click the "Support and Audit Tools" link. 


*If this option is not available, please contact us and we can get this feature added to your user login.*


  • From here you can search for:
    • Claims (all claims that relay has received and their status in processing)
    • Remits (835 or electronic EOB reports can be found and you can request they be resent)
    • Reports (all the reports about claims being processed can be found and requested they be resent)
    • Transmissions (any transmission Relay has received for this account should appear here)


Search for one claim-To search for on claim, you are only required to have the Service Date range field completed.  When you search for one date of service on the claim it should appear in the list for review of status.  You can add additional filters to narrow down the search further.  Such as Payer ID, or Patient Account Number (equal to Medisoft's Chart Number), however the more filters you add the more you have to be sure of what you are searching for in that claim.




At the bottom of the Claim Search page is an additional blue button for "Show All Fields", this present a number of other filter options available and these can be applied to the single claim search as well.

The better use for this I've found is to search for claims with a date received at relay in the "Past 90 days", a Worked Status of "Not Worked" and then either "Excluded" at Relay's level "OR" "Rejected" at the Payer's level.

The list of results returned are the claims that have had errors in the past 90 days.  When you perform this filtered search, you ideally want zero results returned.  Any results you do receive you will want to check the status of the claim and correct any issues, then resubmit and check the "Worked" indicator box beside the error claim and be sure to "Save Worked Indicators" (between the claim results and claim details).